Welcome to Gator AIkido

We welcome practitioners of any age, experience, gender, fitness level, style, or dojo affiliation.  Beginners are welcome to participate in any of the classes we offer.

In our practice we focus on creating a safe, fun, and productive environment. Our goal is to provide a solid Aikikai curriculum firmly rooted in the basic principles of Aikido, while also maintaining a practice that is dynamic and accommodates the differences in physical fitness levels and individual progress of each member.

Most classes focus on open hand training. Those days that we practice outside we focus on aiki ken and aiki jo practice, with particular focus on the basic paired kata. We devote a significant part of our practice time to the study of ukemi–both as a necessary aspect of Aikido and as a personal safety feature for everyday life.

All classes we offer are free for everyone.

The main empty hand aikido practice had been suspended until further notice because of COVID-19 and low attendance at the previous practice location in Tanglewood. Limited group bokken/jo kata practice still takes place two times a week. Inquire if interested.

Please check this site, the listserv, or follow us on Facebook for information about the practice schedule for a given week.